Sunday, 2 August 2009

Month 2 complete

A large update for the Daemon forces. I successfully added and painted 3 Flamers, a Soul Grinder and the objective marker to my army for month 2. Un-polished pictures below.

The objective marker was intended to be a daemonic 'claw' reaching from the ground, holding the symbol of the Mechanicus, to represent the joining or rather the daemonic control over the Dark Mechanicus.

The Flamers are a little bland. I already had 4 Flamer models in stock and couldn't bring anything creative to their design, so painted these as standard.

The Soulgrinder oozes with metallic goodness, but perhaps a bit plain. The black on the legs doesn't contrast very well. I chose red skin for the first 'grinder as he'll be heralding a Khorne contingent - plans for month 3! If I add a second 'grinder later, he'll be light blue.

I managed to get in another game using the 750 points list, beating Mat's Space Marines in Kill Points. A dreadnought and Vindicator have been added to the Forge's loot!

Wins: 5. Draws 2

500 vs Monkey (Win)
500 vs Ben (Win)
750 vs Lex (Win)
750 vs Lex (Draw)
750 vs Monkey (Draw)
750 vs Monkey (Win)
750 vs Mat (Win)

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