Tuesday, 16 June 2009


The Forge of Souls rewards a very few elite daemons with physical constructs to possess, enabling them to maintain a presence in the mortal realm almost indefinitely. In return they swear oaths of fealty to defend the Forge above all other allegiances should it fall under attack from forces of the chaos gods.

Most prominantly this eternal deal is spearheaded by the monstrous Soulgrinders, hybrid daemons mounted upon robotic lower bodies and legs. Little stands in the way of these giant warbringers on the field of battle, but their numbers are thinly spread and their sheer bulk prevents them from occupying various positions in daemonic forces.

Lesser daemon hybrids have been sighted alongside the Soulgrinders in the growing incursions. Creatures of all shapes and deformity, part robot, part warp abomination, these daemons seem to fulfil the role of infantry, marshalled into war by their larger brethren.

Monday, 1 June 2009

The Forge of Souls

As a brief introduction, I am taking part in my club's 'A tale of' project for 40k, hosted by Moon - check out this intro post for the project. I chose Codex Chaos Daemons and here is why:

  • Many of the models, both old and new, exist within the limbo that is my archived projects (bits box).
  • Being part of my bits box means somewhere, some time, I planned to invest in and develop this army.
  • I was weak at the Forge World open day and bought a Brass Scorpion, Khorne Daemon Prince and Herald.
  • Everyone else chose 'samey' armies.
Prior to starting the project, I explored various themes before choosing an army. I honestly felt myself going for Dark Eldar as an obvious choice to the concepts I was outlining. Typically my decisions were short lived and another Codex took stead.

With Daemons I took an interest to a small piece of background material attached to the Soul Grinders. Mention of a neutral daemonic forge within Chaos that produced such engines really grabbed my imagination. Also, being a Pre-Heresy fanatic, this opened a door into another interest of mine - the Dark Mechanicum of Mars. Imagination or not, I think the two are linked in various ways, a way - a path that I have chosen to explore.

Being neutral, I have the freedom to employ he entire armoury of the daemons without repercussions from over-zealous fluff fanatics. The Forge empoys and serves all deities, with the constructs holding strong reverence and oaths of fealty to it. I would like to have a heavy representation of constructs as far as feasible, it's just a shame Obliterators are not within the list.

Drawing inspiration, I have focused upon the works of H R Giger. String impressions of hybridisation between flesh and machine flow well with my plans. The dark metallics and eerie blues are definitely a style I wish to explore. If you look closely at Forgeworld's Brass Scorpion, it seems others have already been influenced by his fetishistic sexual imagery.