Sunday, 30 August 2009

Another competition.. another trophy!

The second (of the current administratum!) TGC painting competition was held earlier this month and I entered with a late entry due to some last-minute convincing from a fellow painter. I managed to win again, though a close top 2 places alongside Josh, who also entered an Empire figure. It was a surprise win as Josh really pushes the bar, so it was fun to have him motivate me with his efforts and for me to produce something I rarely justify the time to do.

I feel I should refrain from entering next year and set myself some higher targets with my painting, beyond the club. At least if they follow up on their promise to cut off my hands, anyway!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Month 2 complete

A large update for the Daemon forces. I successfully added and painted 3 Flamers, a Soul Grinder and the objective marker to my army for month 2. Un-polished pictures below.

The objective marker was intended to be a daemonic 'claw' reaching from the ground, holding the symbol of the Mechanicus, to represent the joining or rather the daemonic control over the Dark Mechanicus.

The Flamers are a little bland. I already had 4 Flamer models in stock and couldn't bring anything creative to their design, so painted these as standard.

The Soulgrinder oozes with metallic goodness, but perhaps a bit plain. The black on the legs doesn't contrast very well. I chose red skin for the first 'grinder as he'll be heralding a Khorne contingent - plans for month 3! If I add a second 'grinder later, he'll be light blue.

I managed to get in another game using the 750 points list, beating Mat's Space Marines in Kill Points. A dreadnought and Vindicator have been added to the Forge's loot!

Wins: 5. Draws 2

500 vs Monkey (Win)
500 vs Ben (Win)
750 vs Lex (Win)
750 vs Lex (Draw)
750 vs Monkey (Draw)
750 vs Monkey (Win)
750 vs Mat (Win)