Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Light of Terra!

I began painting my 'proto-chaplain' last night. I may well enter it in Golden Daemon - I need something to enter just to get in early, even if it's not the best I can do!

The main motivation for pushing this guy for Sunday is that he's based on the Games Day special model. I've rebuilt his chest with greenstuff into a skull, given him new arms, a custom backpack and helmet. Lots of extra studs for that Pre-Heresy goodness too.

We know from the various text and picture resources that Pre-heresy Chaplains had kull masks, black armour and a Crozius. I have taken this back to the post-Unification period that my Dusk Raiders emerged, albeit with a more retrofit helmet style.

The red and bone is pretty much done. The black plate and gubbins need addressing next.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Destined for Dusk!

While this was not planned at the time, the name of the blog seems quite prophetic now. I've decided to turn this project away from World Eaters and into Dusk Raiders.

This isn't a big deal to repaint - the blue will become crimson and the right arms need repainting red too. The backpacks I'll have to redo to white, so they'll be resprayed to save time.

I've built and painted one prototype. He's quite a unique marine model now, whereas the bulk of the marines only have small changes from regular astartes.

Behold a taster of things to come!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

White steel

Angron's Fury returns.

I've built a maw-mantle for the demolisher cannon from an Ogre Kingdom banner and discreet use of greenstuff. This will be coloured to fit in with the World Eater icongraphy and I've begun painting it with the rest of the upper body.

The tank as a whole is now coming together. The turrets are built, magnetised where necessary and have had a lick of the brush:

I'm going to omit the barrels and their holders/cupolas in preference for a flat plate and some more World Eater banners and trophy poles. Currently just a gap in the flank:

As for the lower front - the aquila needs shaving off, but I'm unsure what will sit in its stead.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

World Eaters with washes

My original painting method involved a black undercoat and tedious amounts of grey > white colouring to achieve a half decent white armour. It looked OK, but the method was long winded and became a bit daunting when I realised just how many times I'd have to repeat the process.

This was until I got hold of the new washes.

The plan was simple - test Badab Black on a white undercoat. A quick splash later and the results were obvious.. it not only works, but it looks great!

From here the process was simple - restore the white areas with a drybrush of Skull White and highlight where neccesary.

Then paint the other base colours - black glaze for metal and blue for the pads and buckle.

Then add highlights and washes as required.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Angron's furious

Further work on the Fellblade. I mocked up some of the tank chassis to see how it looks and planning out some modifications.

The hatches are pinned to be fully posable, allowing me to switch in a pilot and save it getting bashed in transit. The turret is also magnetised, so able to switch in a different gun barrel.

Angron's Fury

I bit the bullet and finally bought myself a Baneblade kit.

I had planned a Fellblade for my Pre-Heresy World Eaters for some time, but I actually bought the kit (and a Soulgrinder) with the intention of making a Deathdealer for my chaos forces.

Something inside in restored my resolve upon opening the box. Angron had yet use for me.

And so I slave...
I've been taking the model as a modular task - each part to be painted separately and then glued or magnetised together once finished.

The painting is very simple. White undercoat, Badab black wash, white drybrush. Highlights and selective white glaze where required.

The studs were glazed black, then painted Boltgun and washed with Badab black to finish. I let the wash touch the white plate in some places for shadow.

The tracks took a black base coat (I just did a black glaze on the white primer), then painted Broze and brushed boltgun. A Delvan Mud wash applied to the whole area and then some Boltgun highlights where required.