Sunday, 30 August 2009

Another competition.. another trophy!

The second (of the current administratum!) TGC painting competition was held earlier this month and I entered with a late entry due to some last-minute convincing from a fellow painter. I managed to win again, though a close top 2 places alongside Josh, who also entered an Empire figure. It was a surprise win as Josh really pushes the bar, so it was fun to have him motivate me with his efforts and for me to produce something I rarely justify the time to do.

I feel I should refrain from entering next year and set myself some higher targets with my painting, beyond the club. At least if they follow up on their promise to cut off my hands, anyway!

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scdarkangel said...

sorry to contact you this way, but please email me regarding your MaxMini order problem.

I may be able to help

Santa Cruz Warhammer

(also, nice empire soldier, and congrats on the trophy)