Monday, 30 March 2009

Reborn by fire!

*blows away the dusk*

A lot has changed since September. Heck, I even did some more Dusk Raiders, but have been mostly involved in my club's painting competition (won!), Warhammer Tournament (won!) and frantically painting a brand new Lizardmen army for the Carnage tournament (didn't win!).

To put this into pictures, I painted Fuegan (The burning lance) for the painting competition:.
I've had the model for over a decade getting dusty, dug him out with the intention of painting something that wouldn't be immediately obvious as to whose it was. That worked, but more importantly the judges rated it as the best - I can't complain at that!

The Warhammer Tournament was a fun, well-organised event, giving everyone the chance to test their mettle. I hoped to achieve a few things - facing a selection of armies and dispelling the club's belief that Vampire Counts were 'insert cheddary epithet'. I ended up facing them 3 times and won the tournament, so the latter was proven at least.

Carnage was a great experience, if a little tiring. I set out with the same hopes, I got to play 6 new opponents, but sadly 4 lots of Daemons! 3 victories and 3 defeats overall - pretty satisfied for my first big tournament!

Now? The Great Crusade is on the horizon and my marines have changed colour once more. I shall say no more until next blog!