Friday, 4 September 2009

Age of the Emperor - last minute job!

6 months passes us by and I find myself rushing once more to complete another new army for an event. I began the journey with intentions of taking Dark Mechanicus to the event, but chose to take Sons of Horus, feeling my AdMech need a lot of work and effort, something I didn't want to rush. Marines are a lot quicker to do because there's so few of them!

I haven't yet decided the final line-up for all 4 missions, but I hope to use as many units as possible across them. The core of my force and most complete is currently:

5 Justaerin, including Falkus Kibre (hoped for 10!)
2x8 Bloodletters
3 Bloodcrushers
1 Khorne daemon prince
1 Khorne Soulgrinder
10 tactical marines
Venerable dreadnought
6 Vanguard, including Ekaddon

In addition to these I am pondering use of the following:
6/12 Scouts
6 jetbikes
Tzeench Daemons

1 comment:

Kidjal said...

thought jetbikes were a bit pants?

or just not worth the investment, at least. Tac squads look really nice.